Khimar 1 Polos

All Size
A1 Magenta
A2 Rasberry
A3 Fanta
A4 Azalea
A5 Cranberry
A7 Rose
A9 Baby Pink
A10 Orchid
B1 Dongker
B3 Sky Blue
B4 Dark Tocsa
B5Blue Tosca
B6 Ocean Blue
C3 Thai Tea
C4 Choco Milk
C6 Mustard
H1 Black
H2 Gray
H3 Silver gray
J1 Pepper
J5 Mint
J7 Green Tosca
J9 green Dusty
J10 green mint
K2 Carrot
K4 Broken Yellow
M1 Maroon
M2 Chilli
M3 Red
P1 White
P2 Broken White
U2 Purple
U3 Grape
U5 Lavender

Khimar 1 Polos


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Informasi tambahan

Berat 295 gram

All Size


A1 Magenta, A2 Rasberry, A3 Fanta, A4 Azalea, A5 Cranberry, A7 Rose, A9 Baby Pink, A10 Orchid, B1 Dongker, B3 Sky Blue, B4 Dark Tocsa, B5Blue Tosca, B6 Ocean Blue, C3 Thai Tea, C4 Choco Milk, C6 Mustard, H1 Black, H2 Gray, H3 Silver gray, J1 Pepper, J5 Mint, J7 Green Tosca, J9 green Dusty, J10 green mint, J11, K2 Carrot, K4 Broken Yellow, M1 Maroon, M2 Chilli, M3 Red, P1 White, P2 Broken White, U2 Purple, U3 Grape, U5 Lavender


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